Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tips for Traveling with Pets this Holiday

Helpful tips for traveling with your pet: 
·         Consider your pet’s needs.  Distance, location, temperature, mode of travel, your pet's health, age, etc. are all important factors to consider before traveling. Remember that your pet is very sensitive to change, and when stressed, the immune system is likely to become weakened, so be sure to boost immunity prior to travel.
·         Packing & preparation. Remember the essentials like medications and medical records, food and bowls, a pet first aid kit, bedding, carrier, tags, and toys.
·         Before any trip, make a quick stop at your vet to have your pet examined to make sure vaccinations are up to date, and to get any medications your pet might need, etc.
·         Relaxing your pet.  Anxiety and car sickness are two of the most common concerns amongst pet owners. For anxiety, take your pet on short trips regularly to help accustom him to traveling, and remember to bring a favorite toy or blanket. If traveling by car, make sure the vehicle is well-ventilated, and open a window if necessary.
Helpful tips for boarding your pet:
·         Make a reservation. Boarding facilities become hectic during the holiday season, so be sure to book in advance.
·         Find out what’s permitted. Certain toys may be dangerous for other animals and prohibited.
·         Leave favorite items at home. Keep in mind that boarding facilities deal with many pets and owners a day, meaning that your pet’s favorite item may end up in someone else’s hands.
·         Leave your emergency numbers. Always provide your personal contact info, and even the hotel or house you will be staying at just in case.
·         If your pet is on medication, verbally tell someone in the facility about medication needs and also leave instructions.
·         Bring the essentials. Include a list of feeding instructions for your pet along with an unopened bag of food. In some cases, there may be times when another animal eats out of your pet’s dish;  sending a fresh bag of food will ensure your pet has enough of his/her food to last while you are away.

Allison McCormick
Public Relations Manager
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