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Moving Through All Seven Days

Author: Kathy Anne Stemke

Illustrator: Tony Glisson

Publisher: Action Alley Education

Book length in pages: 32 pgs

Parents are you look for a book to inspire movement? Moving Through All Seven Day helps children learn about the days of the week while getting them up and moving. The lyrical rhymes also teach them how to spell each day! There are also 14 pages of activities at the end of the book designed to reinforce the concepts as well as give impetus to movement exploration.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what a few others had to say . . .

"Moving Through All Seven Days is a wonderful way to teach young children the days of the week. The days move forward with playful activities, 'Slipping, sliding, spin and play, Fun on Sunday, that's the way.'

"As an added feature, Moving Through All Seven Days includes an activity and learning section with: in class activities, spelling the days of the week, rhyming words, coloring pages and more. This is sure to be a hit in any preschool or lower grade classroom.

"Moving Through All Seven Days is also a great way to teach the days of the week to your own little ones before they start school. I’ll be reading it to my 3-year-old grandson!" ~Karen Cioffi, Co-Author of Day’s End Lullaby


"This fun book is full of lively rhymes, clever illustrations, and engaging activities sure to be fun for all the kids in your class -- or out of it. I knew I was hooked when I found myself filling in the missing letters on the Complete Each Word activity." ~Margaret Fieland, Author/Educator


"Kathy Stemke’s Moving through All Seven Days offers a multifaceted approach to movement in the classroom that also offers a healthy dose of the language arts!" ~Rae Pica, Education Consultant

Early Childhood Physical Activity



"Move and groove along with the whimsical characters of Moving Through All Seven Days as they slip, twirl, and glide you through the days of the week. An activities resource to help reinforce the learning process of spelling the days of the week is a welcome bonus. It provides an ingenious way of getting the children up from behind their desks to experience learning through movement.

"Children’s author, Kathy Ann Stemke brilliantly blends lyrical rhyme and the learning process in a fun and educational twist. Along with the vibrant illustrations created by Tony Glisson, Moving Through All Seven Days is a must have for preschool and kindergarten classrooms and no home library would be complete without it." ~Reviewed by Donna M. McDine for the National Writing for Children Center. http://www.donnamcdine.com.

"Kathy, you have a winner. Each rhyme is short, easy to learn, and fun. I teach Pre-k for the local school district. Our "teaching time" is so limited in Pre-k for scheduling reasons. What caught my attention is that a teacher could quickly do a daily "story board" and the kids would GET it. At higher-grade levels this material could be easily used in center stations for independent work that students would be interested in doing.

WAY TO GO!" ~Versana Polidore, Thomas Gibbs Elementary School Classroom teacher

Find it on lulu by clicking on this link:


To learn more about Kathy visit her at:


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Guest Blogger, Author Kathy Stemke!

We are happy to be hosting Kathy Stemke as a guest blogger today, a fabulous author who has not only been published, but also has a passion for writing, the arts and all things creative. We asked Kathy to share her story about becoming a children’s writer. You are sure to be inspired!

Besides writing, Kathy has been a dancer, choreographer, teacher, tutor, and an antiques dealer for many years. She is also a contributing editor for The National Writing for Children's Center.

Thanks for hosting me on your blog today. Here’s the story of how my blog lead to several children’s books, and a monthly newsletter.

After I retired from teaching, I dabbled in article writing on Helium. I even sold several articles through their marketplace feature. Since I had taught for many years, I naturally wrote several education articles. I got lots of feedback and questions from other teachers. This made me realize that I had the wisdom and experience to help other teachers. I also needed an outlet for the lesson plans and activities I had created through the years. So my blog, Educationtipster, was born.

Since my background was in physical education, dance, and early childhood education, I used many movement activities in my kindergarten classes. I found that movement helped the kids to learn quicker and retain more. In fact, I found numerous studies on the subject to support my experiences. My blog posts include many practical, fun, movement activities, as well as author interviews, classroom control tips, and motivational tips for parents and teachers.

I joined several teacher groups that share activities with each other, and kept them informed about the information and articles on my blog. When I did a post about the days of the week, some teachers asked if I knew of a book that taught children how to spell the days. Since I didn’t, I decided to write one myself that included activity pages in the back. This rhyming e-book, available on Lulu, is titled, Moving Through All Seven Days. http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/moving-through-all-seven-days/7386965#

The response was so fantastic that I decided to write more. I now have two other books under contract with publishers titled, Trouble on Earth Day and Sh, Sh, Sh, Will the Baby Sleep? Hopefully they will be released in 2010. You can also find my monthly teaching tips article on The National Writing for Children Center website. http://writingforchildrencenter.com/category/teaching-tips/

Because the teachers couldn’t get enough of my songs, rhymes, and activities, I introduced my free monthly newsletter, Movement and Rhythm. I include movement exploration, action songs, poetry that inspires movement, games from around the world, book reviews, classroom management and behavior tips, dances, and the latest information that links movement to increasing cognitive skills. In about a year’s time, I have 375 subscribers! You can sign up for this newsletter on my blog: http://educationtipster.blogspot.com. I’m thrilled to help others and have an outlet for my creativity.

Recently, I joined the DKV Writing 4 U team as an editor and freelance writer. http://dkvwriting4u.com DKV is a writing service that includes ghostwriting, copywriting, editing, proofreading, critiquing, media releases, and much more. Along with Karen Coiffi and Lea Schizas, we also offer website and blog development too. We plan to add book tour and book trailer services soon.

I have many WIP and can’t wait to see what God has in store for me next!

Thank you so much Kathy for sharing your road to publication. Your books sound wonderful and ones we'll be putting on our list to buy.

Kathy’s first children’s e-book, Moving Through All Seven Days, is now available on Lulu. Kathy's second children's book, Trouble on Earth Day and Sh, Sh, Sh, Will the Baby Sleep? are slated to come out soon!

Don’t forget to sign up for her FREE monthly newsletter, “MOVEMENT AND RHYTHM” on her blog. You’ll find great teaching tips, movement activities, and children’s book reviews. http://educationtipster.blogspot.com

Kathy Stemke's websites:

Moving Through all Seven Days:http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/moving-through-all-seven-days/7386965#




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Don’t Be a Victim Of These Car Rental Mistakes

There are some things in life that you can definitely make better. For instance, to make getting around a particular place that you are visiting better, you can rent a car. This gives you control of your travel. But some things that make things better can actually make things worse if you don’t know how to use them right.

Here are some of the most common car rental mistakes that you should avoid. If you do these mistakes, you will just have trouble later on. These mistakes must be avoided to ensure that car rental will make your trip better just as what it is supposed to do:

• Dealing with the first car rental company that you find. If you do this, you may miss out on excellent car offers or discounts that other car rental companies offer. Car rental companies are not all the same. Some of them are better than the others. Some of them will make your trip better while some of them will simply rip you off your budget.

• Not checking the quality of the rental car. If you do this, you might end up swearing on the road when the car started having trouble. To check the quality of the car, you must consider the age of the car and its service history. How sure are you that you can trust the car?

• Not taking picture of the car before you take it. Evidences are important. If the car rental company accuses you of causing damage to the car, you can show them your evidence of how the car looks like when you got it from them. This saves you money from fraud accuses that some car rental companies do to get more money from their customer.

• Not reading the terms stipulated in the car rental contract. You might end up in trouble if you do something to the car that you aren’t supposed to do. Innocence is not excusable by law! Another thing, you might end up paying extras for hidden charges that are on the contract but you are unaware of. It is important that before you sign any contract, you have fully understood everything stated on it.

• Not returning the rental car on time. The car rental company may charge you another day if you return the car late. You should be a diligent renter – taking notes of things that matter in the car rental deal.

These car rental mistakes must be avoided at all times if you want to get benefits from car rental.

Author Bio: CarHire.ie is an independent car rental company in Ireland. With 19 years of customer satisfaction, this car rental company has earned Ireland’s Best Service Excellence Award. Getting around Ireland is made easy with CarHire’s competitive offers. See Car Hire Ireland to get a quality car hire service at a competitive price.

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Budgeting - Tips For the Family

If you are in charge of creating the family budget, chances are, you've had the unfortunate experience of having a brilliant budget plan that isn't executed well. This happens to many families and couples, and with a little attitude tweaking, you can solicit the help of your family in making your budget work.

Create a family budget vision. Talk to your spouse and children about whatever budgetary constraints you are facing, or whatever financial goals you intend to set. By being completely honest about the bills and loans you have to pay, or your intention to save a certain amount of money for a family emergency fund (or a college fund, for that matter), you can help your family understand better your collective financial situation.

This will allow them to change their perspective on purchases they make, and will help you make sure that whatever money crunching strategies you utilize won't be counteracted by a subsequent spree by your teen.

Another good technique is to create a list of usual expenditures per member of your family. Together, identify which items you can do away with in order to save up some extra money from your monthly income. By doing this altogether, you are making your family participate better and see the contributions they can make into making your family's finances better.

Should your child have the habit of continuously asking for money for minor and oftentimes unnecessary purchases, you can let your children learn to manage their own week's allowance. With their limited money to budget, they will realize the value of money.

Put a cap on the amount of expenditures you make in a week. The best way to do this is set aside a fixed amount of cash that you will spend for a week. By putting this limitation on your spending, you are forced to prioritize spending on the most essential over other things.

Make it easy for your family to save more. How often do you eat out? Most family budgets are blown over because of the frequency of dining out and the accompanying exorbitant expense of that activity.

Eating at home will reduce your expenses, not to mention allow for your family to bond over cooking at home. Do you spend on routine purchases like coffee and newspapers? Cut back on the latte and the paper, and put aside the amount you would otherwise spend.

Your family's collective saving will surprise you. Lastly, don't be afraid to create a most efficient driving route, as well as grouping together activities into one car trip. This way, you can save a lot on time and even on gasoline and car expenses.

Author Bio: Paul Hata is active in various social and community programs aimed at providing equal access to education, health and jobs to all. Paul has over 10 years experience in managing a multi-million dollar advertising company. Paul can be reached at EarlyPlanet.com

1000s of Finance, Financing, Financial and Funding Services -
WorldFinancialPages.com and

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Some Tips and Tricks for Nursery Decoration

Practically, each person in the planet has been associated to nursery decoration for some reason. Either you are a mom planning anything for the arrival of the new member of the family unit, or you are a former guest of the nursery room. All of us have been all babies sometime gone by anyway. The issue right here is, What might you take into account when you require to embellish a nursery?

The principal goal of your nursery decoration efforts will be focused to create the exceptional conditions where the mom will certainly commit and share high quality time with her infant. In other words, the space needs to be organized for the two of them.

Depending on its type and shades array, which may be classic, contemporary, fancy or several additional popular options, the room can create a design that may enhance the over all decoration.

The colors typically depend on the gender of the infant, in which typically pink is utilized for females and light blue for boys.

It is as well really common to make use of distinguishable cartoon figures on the wall space using stunning colors. The purpose of utilizing these types of illustrations, as well as with regard to the vivid colors described previously is to create an ecosystem in order to promote the newborns brain expansion.

The room's decoration should expand together with the child. Symbolizing the brand-new hobbies and suitable information pertaining to that age.

Baby furniture cribs intended to work on certain tasks and needs of the baby's room endeavor. Possibly a small display case to keep quilts and bedroom pillows.

One recommendation to help you with your nursery decoration ideas is to consider retrospectively. What colors caught your eye. The kind of clothing and colors that you preferred.

Reject to keep one color for the entire place. For example, your walls might be divided in a pair of sections, with contrasting colors.

In the event that you have a limited budget, you can easily always look for internet sites offering discount rates and special prices. Typically, you can get motivation on those sites, which possess literally hundreds of items in which you may obtain ideas from.

Additionally, you might go to garage sales where you can find real bargains. The good point regarding garage sales in regard to nursery items is that the baby furniture cribs are normally in a very great shape.

You must take into consideration most the parts mentioned above: your goal, the crib as the focal point of your nursery, the walls colors corresponding your crib's, using characters to activate your babies thinking process, preparing your style to develop along with your child, the add-ons that would help your responsibilities and your budget and places where you would find ones own merchandise. Apart from, based on ones own lifestyle and ways of life; you can add special imagery and materials.

You can find http://www.thenurserydecoration.com/index.php?cPath=1 built of wood, which are cozy and presents living to your decoration, but if your design is a lot more contemporary, there are various plastic and metal structured cribs that appear awesome too. http://www.thenurserydecoration.com/ is all a matter of style.

About The Author

You may find http://www.thenurserydecoration.com/index.php?cPath=1 built of wood, which are cozy and provides living to your decoration, but if your style is more modern, there are various plastic and metal-based cribs that look superb too. http://www.thenurserydecoration.com/ is definitely all a matter of taste.

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Fun Family Vacation

Family fun doesn’t have to be found at cookie-cutter resorts or Disney theme parks. In fact, the best vacations come from more eclectic places, vacation spots that have something for everyone. Check out Gatlinburg, the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains and a wonderland of family fun.

Get out of the stuffy, crowded resort hotels, travel to the Smokies and rent one of the many beautiful Gatlinburg cabins for your stay. In addition to the privacy afforded by having your own space, a cabin is a great way to keep the family close while vacationing. Getting separate rooms can be inconvenient and expensive for families with children— at a cabin however, you’ll get the comfort of home with the luxury of a vacation rental!

Whether or not you and your family decide to camp overnight or just spend the day, the hiking, fishing and incredible landscape of the mountains is sure to appeal to any visitor. Take a hike to Cade’s Cove to see settler’s cabins and churches that are over 150 years old. Take a poll of your family and choose whether to walk, hike, bike, drive or take a hayride around the valley. Pack a picnic and relax, taking in the uniquely wonderful views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Everyone likes pancakes. Lucky for families with picky eaters, Gatlinburg is the (unexpected?) pancake capitol of the south. Gatlinburg is home to Tennessee’s first pancake house, The Pancake Pantry, a down-home eatery that makes every delicious pancake confection from scratch. Or, check out The Log Cabin, River Road Pancake House, Little House of Pancakes, and the Red Rooster Pancake House, all of which are sure to leave you full and satisfied. If you have room for lunch or dinner, Gatlinburg’s many restaurants—from barbeque to fine dining—are at your disposal.

Want to show off your vacation? Take home some great souvenirs for your friends. Gatlinburg is home to many local artisans and specialty shops, full of perfect gifts for those who couldn’t make the trip with you. The Mountain Mall or the Smoky Mountain Outfitters are both good places to start the search. Both offer items from furniture to fudge, all made with the special touch of the Smokies.

Each new season offers a different series of festivals and shows in Gatlinburg. Before you plan your trip, check out the town’s calendar of events to see what is in town for your visit. All year round, Ripley’s Aquarium and Museums both offer endless entertainment that sparks the imagination. Gatlinburg’s Hollywood Wax Museum

No matter what you are looking for in a family vacation, Gatlinburg is sure to please. With affordable and accessible options for everything you need, this little town is a great choice for a big trip.

To learn more about vacationing in the Smokies, visit our website at www.PatriotGetaways.com and click through to our blog.
gives your kids a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite stars. And if rides are part of every family vacation, then check out Pigeon Forge’s Dollywood.

About The Author

Born and raised in the Smoky Mountain region, Bob Foster became a passionate expert on this part of the country even as a child. Years later Bob turned that childhood passion and expertise into a profession when Bob became a general manager for the family business that specializes in rentals of Gatlinburg cabins and Pigeon Forge cabins, both towns being in the heart of the Smokies. The company motto is "Creating guests for life by offering an experience of a lifetime" and it is with that thought in mind that Bob started a blog fully dedicated to information about the Smokies, which can be found at blog.patriotgetaways.com.

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5 Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make for Under $5

Dads are always the most difficult to buy presents for. An easy solution – do not purchase a gift, rather make one instead! Father’s Day is the perfect holiday to surprise dads with homemade crafts.

Dads are always so proud of their children, and they feel especially honored when they see their kids get together and make something especially for them. It means so much to be appreciated on father’s day.

Children can’t always put their appreciative feelings into words, so crafts are the perfect way for them to give back and express their love for their fathers.

Here are some ideas for the best craft projects that are perfect for fathers:

1. Make dad a coin tray: Dads always need a place for spare change. Kids can make dads a special coin tray made out of Crayola’s model magic. Children just need to mold the tray into a coin tray and the next day it is ready for use. Don’t forget to personalize the coin tray.

2. Create a crafty tie holder: Father’s day is a great time for making a tie. It’s perfect for all of those past ties you gave dad for father’s day over the years! Kids can make this special tie holder out of a wire hanger, and felt. This gift looks great in a closet, and will remind dad every day how much his children love him.

3. Craft a Father’s day fish penholder: Is dad an outdoor type of guy? If so, the fish penholder is really adorable. Kids can cut out all types of colorful shapes of dish and other critters. A drab penholder can become so much more exciting when kids decorated it.

4. Design a keyholder for dad: Looking for the perfect father’s day craft for school age kids? A ruler, lanyard hooks and ribbon can be transformed into a great keyholder. You can also use a mini Bowdabra to make a simple bow to attach to the hanger of the keyholder.

5. Construct #1 Dad and #1 Son T-shirts: Not much is cuter than seeing a dad and his son wearing matching t-shirts. Kids can make crafty shirts that are personalized for their beloved dads.

All you need to get started is some blank t-shirts, fabric and fabric paint.

These gift ideas are great for grandpas and uncles too. If you think that dads will love these crafts made by their kids, just wait until you see the reaction from other loved ones.

For more creative ideas, visit www.C4K555.org to download free projects at Crafters 4 Kids.

About the Author:

Sandy Sandler is founder of non-profit Crafters 4 Kids and creator of the QVC best-seller, the Bowdabra. Her frugal craft projects and activity ideas are designed to transform the creatively challenged into creative pros. Sandy’s focus is on creative and easy projects that parents can do with their kids and that kids can even do on their own that are both frugal and green in nature. Crafters 4 Kids focuses on projects that can be done under 5 minutes and under $5. Visit www.C4K555.org. Contact Sandy at jaimevivre@mac.com

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Interview with author Lisa Umina

Lisa Umina heads a thriving book publishing business but also enjoys a successful career as an author, motivational speaker, missionary, and literary consultant. Umina´s company, Halo Publishing International, continues to flourish by strengthening the movement of words across the international borders in order to benefit cultures and society as a whole. She has been interviewed by countless newspapers, radio, and TV stations. She has traveled the world to teach children about their purpose and how religion can positively influence their lives.

Prior to becoming an author, you were a journalist and businesswoman. How do you incorporate your previous careers into your writing?

I was in sales at The Wall Street Journal and also did promotional work when I worked at the non-profit University Settlement. These careers definitely allowed me to tap into my people skills and I believe this has helped me as a publisher when I am seeking to bring in new authors to Halo and promoting author shows. I would have to say my inspiration for my book writing mostly comes from my faith and my personal life experiences.

Please share with us the inspiration behind your character Milo and what message you wish to convey.

Milo is an angelic character I created based on my religious faith. I wanted him to be a cute and cuddly character that kids would love. Milo’s head is triangular to represent the trinity and he is white to symbolize purity. When looking at Milo’s character, I want the first thought that comes to mind to be “I can talk to God.” I want Milo to be a constant reminder of that concept.

You travel quite a bit with Milo as your companion. What has been one of the most memorable moments thus far?

When I published the Spanish version of Milo with a Halo, I was given the opportunity to visit an orphanage in Peru called Isaiah’s Promise. I will never forget the smiles on those children’s faces when I was there. To know that I was able to make these children so happy with my story and my Milo character just made it so clear to me that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do.

Please share with us your school visit programs.

I currently have two school programs. The first is a K- 8th grade program that teaches children they have a purpose. Based on my book Milo and the Green Wagon, Milo and I teach children about generosity, selflessness and, most importantly, about love and respect for all people, no matter what their stature in life. The second is a K-4th grade program called “Talk to God, Anytime, Anywhere about Anything.” I use 11 different character voices to represent all the characters in my Milo Finds His Best Friend book, along with sound effects. They are both fun programs and seem to really draw the children in to the underlying lesson I’m trying to teach.

Why do you think children are so drawn to Milo during school visits?

Innocence. Children learn through the story that Milo is vulnerable as he’s searching for his best friend. Kids connect with Milo and they want to be his friend.

What advice would you give to parents of reluctant readers?

Definitely find a subject your child is interested in and give him books on that subject. Even if he’s just interested in looking at the pictures at first, the reading will come. Also, make time to read with your kids and make it a fun, quality-time experience.

Please share with us your current work-in-progress.

Our current focus is getting our new office up and running in Mexico City. Business is thriving there as we just finished publishing Marco Corleone’s new book, Las Primeras Luchas de Mi Vida. Although most of Halo’s authors are from the United States, we’re excited about the prospect of expanding our publishing skills into the Spanish-speaking population.

How do you blend the love of reading with prayer through your writing?

All of my books are based on my faith and I’m a true believer in encouraging and developing a relationship with God. The easy-to-understand concepts in my books bring religion to kids in a non-threatening and uncomplicated way. When kids read my books, they are becoming acquainted with God, which is really just another way of praying.

Beyond your own books, you are the face behind Halo Publishing. For those of our readers not familiar with Halo Publishing, please share with us your philosophy, goals, and what you look for in a manuscript.

Of course, I look for a good story because without a good story, you’re not going to have a good book! But beyond that, I look for books that have a message and authors who are truly passionate about this message. I believe that the success of a book has 10% to do with the manuscript and 90% to do with the author behind the manuscript. To be honest, I believe if your top priority is only to sell books, then you should open a bookstore! I take my job very seriously because I believe writing and publishing a book is one of the most significant things a person can do in their lifetime. I’m all about assisting writers in fulfilling their goals and dreams, which is often a lifelong process for them. I do this by helping them get their messages across so they’re able to bring their careers to the next level. When an author brings passion to his or her story and mission, making a profit just comes that much easier to them.

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your multiple hats of CEO and publisher, author, motivational speaker, and missionary?

I would have to say my biggest challenge is that I’m often torn between doing what I love to do and being faced with taking time away from that to do the necessary work that needs to get done in order to keep my business running. However, I will never let touring or paperwork overtake my primary mission of helping people and teaching children about God. I just always make sure to keep my priorities in order and delegate when necessary.

What piece of advice would you give to a writer researching publishers?

Look for a publisher that you can talk to; that is, one who listens, will give you ideas and feedback and will hold your hand through the entire process. You don't want someone only interested in printing your book, but someone who is also interested in the mission and message of your book. There’s a big difference.

What can we expect from your creative talents and Milo in the future?

I’m planning at least one more book in my Milo series and this one will be about the life lesson of acceptance. It will teach kids how to accept themselves and others. Stay tuned!


*Stories for Children Publishing, LLC. (SFC) and its divisions do not receive any compensation for product reviews beyond a sample and/or limited access to a paid website. SFC donates all books sent for review to a charitable organization. SFC may do a contest or giveaway of samples we receive.