Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Themes for Submissions to the Stories For Children Blog

Themes are one way to help keep your writing focused. Here on the blog we are open to submissions for guest posts to enhance our regular book reviews, education submissions, and special author guests. Email your submissions to to be considered here on the blog. It is a great way to get exposure to your site and to your writing.

Here is a general theme list for 2011.

January- Resolutions- Do you make resolutions or not? How to keep them? New year beginnings, Goals and resolutions for 2011.

February- Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Martin Luther King- Politics and history for kids and why it matters, freedom,

March- Spring forward- flowers, sunshine, baseball, spring cleaning, and anything else that has to do with moving out of winter

April- Earth day is April 22- tell us about how you help the earth, recycle, reuse, and are saving the planet

May- Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day- How do you honor those you love and respect

June- Father’s day, the joys of summer, vacation spots, fun in the sun, safety in the sun, activities for families, School is out so let the fun begin.

July- 4th of July celebrations, Independence, stars and stripes, crafts, food, books and anything that helps to celebrate our freedom and our love of the red, white, and blue

August- Back to school, clothes, supplies, health check up list, the last good book to read before  school starts, lunch box ideas, anything to make going back to school fun.

September- Labor day, Rosh Hashanah begins, Autumn, fall recipes, fun fall activities or crafts for kids,

October- Halloween, 101 things to do with pumpkins, the history of Halloween, the costumes, the fun.

November- Turkey day, Traditional thanksgiving ideas and fun, the history of Thanksgiving, gratitude,

December- Holiday celebrations around the world- examples, recipes, crafts, traditions,


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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. We look forward to reading your work so send those submissions in.



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