Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Review: The Adventures of Isaiah James Beach Boy

The Adventures of Isaiah James Beach Boy
By: Sabrina K. Carpenter
Illustrated by: Doreen Freeman
Published by: Perfected Pen Publishing   Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0982773710
Price: $12.95
Ages: 3- 6 years old
Rating: 4 ½ stars
Reviewed by: Kris Quinn Christopherson

Synopsis:  The author’s first children’s book, The Adventures of Isaiah James Beach Boy, cohesively blends learning, imagination, and brilliant illustrations for young children.  The debut book in a series, the story finds Isaiah James swimming with the dolphins, crawling with the crabs, and learning fundamentals throughout his entire journey. 
Overall thoughts:  This is a very sweet picture book with lovely illustrations.  A rhyming tale that simply, but effectively, captures the readers’ attention.  I read this story aloud to two different groups of children, and all enjoyed guessing the answer to the opening question of “what is our adventure today?”.  Although the title and the pictures quickly give away the answer, the children were proud to shout out the answer, “the beach!”   A nice mixture of rich language, bright colors, and a bit of guessing and counting, this book was an easy and fun read. 

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