Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Review: Coloring Outside Autism's Lines

Coloring Outside Autism’s Lines: 
50+ Activities, Adventures, and
Celebrations for Families with Children With Autism
By: Susan Walton
Parents and kids 7 to 14
4 stars
Reviewed By: Irene S. Roth

Synopsis: Having an autistic child may mean that parents have to do things differently and to change their lives. However, it doesn’t mean that parents are stuck at home without any way to go out into the world and enjoy different activities.

This is a wonderful book about how parents can effectively deal with the perplexities of raising an autistic child and even going on outings of all sorts. The activities in this book will bring new hope for families living with autism. It seems that trips and life is an uphill battle when parents have a child with autism. This book suggests that need not be the case. Susan Walton’s book includes 50 carefully selected outings and activities that kids with autism can enjoy.                                                           

Overall Thoughts: I absolutely love this book. Not only is it hopeful, but the author encourages the reader to create times and activities that autistic children can enjoy. The diagnosis of autism will not be as devastating after you read this book. I urge all parents with autistic children to read it.

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