Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book Review: King for a Day: The Story of Stories

King for a Day: The Story of Stories
By: Mark Wayne Adams
Published by: Caballo Books, 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1-59616-008-8
Price: $16.95
Ages: 7--12
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

Is it possible to change an ordinary day into an extraordinary story and become “king for a day”?  Russell is a Jack Russell terrier dog who has many passions, such as playing, running, and telling stories.  He shares his passions with his best friend, a boy named Carter, along with his stuffed lion Litto, and his toy unicorn Uma.  Carter and Russell are supposed to write a story for Momma Gi Gi’s Jamboree.  The best storyteller is to be crowned “King for a Day.”  However it’s been two weeks and they haven’t written a word.  Carter is really sad because he wanted to win the crown

On the day of the Jamboree, Russell makes a paper crown for Carter out of a crumpled note to cheer him up.  As they’re going to the Jamboree with a load of watermelons, they meet a couple of friends, Litto and Uma.  Uma wants to be king of the forest, and Litto wants to be king of the jungle, so they snatch Carter’s crown.  Carter and Russell chase them all over the place in an attempt to get it back, but the crown ends up being destroyed, so the day seems to be wasted.  Or is it?  What can they do to turn an ordinary day into an ordinary story?  Author and illustrator Mark Wayne Adams has illustrated books by many other authors and even written some of his own, including Good NightMare.

King for a Day is a marvelous tale to encourage youthful readers to discover their passion and to use their imagination by creating their own stories.  At the end, there are three exercises, “Create Your Own Story,” a fun and easy quiz, and a drawing lesson.  More drawing and storytelling activities may be found at the book’s website.  Young people will enjoy the adventuresome spirit presented in the book.  And parents will appreciate the fact that it teaches their children all about friendship, integrity, and self-discovery.  I really liked it and give it a high five.

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  1. Looks like a book I need to get a copy of. Thanks for the review.



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