Friday, January 28, 2011

MyMaxScore – Adaptive Online SAT/ACT Test Prep

Published by: Sourcebooks, Inc.    Date:   2010
Price: introductory price for SAT prep program, $299; introductory price for ACT prep program, $249
Ages: high school
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Kris Quinn Christopherson

Synopsis:  Sourcebooks, leading publisher of college guides and study aids, has produced an innovative online program that will revolutionize how students prepare for standardized tests.  Based on 30 years of research by Dr. Gary Gruber, the leader in SAT prep, MyMaxScore offers a truly personalized experience.  MyMaxScore adapts to the students’ strengths and weaknesses after every SAT practice question, and continually monitors progress and serves up questions only in areas in which the students need to improve.  The online program(s) last for a period of 4 months starting on the day of the initial enrollment.  The program(s) are for those who are just beginning to study, looking to get a boost on what he/she already knows, or those who have already taken the test and are looking to gain extra 50-100 points. 

Overall thoughts:   It has been many years since I have taken the SAT or the ACT, but I can still recall studying for, and worrying about, the tests. This tool would have been very advantageous if it had been around for me and my classmates to use (way back when!).   I found the website to be user-friendly with an effective format.  Once logged on and your profile is created with personal information, goals, and past testing information, the website is broken into five components:  instructions, practice questions, take the test, reports, and tools.  From my time on the website, I found all of the sections supportive to the student and the studying process.  I spent most of my review time in the practice questions section.  In this section, you are able to choose the number of questions or the amount of time you will work on during your session, ranging from 5 questions to 200 questions, or 5 minutes to 120 minutes.  Reports are generated to inform the tester of progress towards the entered goal and/or based on your performance on the questions.  A lot of thought has gone into this thorough website, and I would imagine that it would provide a positive experience to most any student. 



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