Monday, January 17, 2011

One Mom Shares her New Years Resolution.....

The theme for January is Resolutions:

Read what Kris Quinn Christopherson has to say about her New Years Resolution for 2011.

How do you practice being in the present moment with your children? Leave your tips in the comment section so we can all resolve to be present for our children and our loved ones, even for 10 minutes a day. Thanks Kris for sharing.

I ended 2010 thinking about how I could strengthen my relationship with my children. I realized that I was with them all the time, was always doing things for them, driving them to their events, cleaning up after them, and snuggling and reading at bedtime, but that I was not really hanging out with them as much as I should be.  A lot of the time, we were coexisting in the house and doing our own things… and me just spouting out directions and corrections.

I decided that I would resolve, this new year, to BE with my children more.. Enjoy them more… 
I could see how joyful they were (and me too!) when I sat down to play a board game with them.  How joyful, when I talked to them at the kitchen table, not being on the computer. 

 I thought how for just ten minutes a day, I would work on just being with them — no television, no video games, no folding laundry, no checking email, just be with them, talk to them, give them my full attention.   Now, I have three children, so I do not think I could give ten minutes to them individually every day — there is math homework, spelling words to practice, dance, basketball, they do need clean underwear, and I do like to see what is happening with my Facebook friends!!!  

But, I hope that spending ten minutes with them together, or with one of them, or two of them, will gradually increase to more minutes some days, and will allow me to really grasp them as people, enjoy them for their silly, loving, and yes, trying, kids they are.  

I have not been able to follow the ten minutes really closely as I had hoped, but I am working on it.  I am more aware that my kids deserve my full attention, that they crave it, and that it will be so, so beneficial for them and ME to do this. 

At bedtime last night, I talked with my girls about some friend issues, and I was fully present…. yes, I was a bit anxious as it was past the magic bedtime hour, and I was tired, and I had dishes in the sink, but I laid back in bed with them, and chatted, full attention — it was fantastic, and I think that my oldest really appreciated it, and thought it was fantastic, too. 

Wish me luck… ten minutes….  I can do this right????      


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  1. Wouldn't it be grand if we could all be more present in the moment not only for our kids, but for our spouse, significant other, friends, or whomever we were speaking with. Why does our brain go in a thousand different directions? There is no reward for multi-tasking, but there is satisfaction in the joy we see on the faces of our children. Thanks for sharing.



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