Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reading With Your Child

Reading with your child is a great activity. It may only take a few minutes to read a short story but the time spent is well worth it. Or set aside 15 minutes to let your school age child read something to you, maybe a chapter in their favorite chapter book. Research  Internet family safe sites that offer online magazines for children like Stories for Children Magazine at  and choose a story to read each day.

 Reading will build these skills:

  • communication
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • reading comprehension
  • phonics
  • reading ability
  • confidence
  • parent/child relationships
Reading a paragraph and asking a question or two will increase comprehension and offer great conversation starters. Begin reading with your child as an infant and continue to develop the habit as your child grows. Together you will nurture a love for books and a good story. Let your child see you reading a good book or newspaper too. It will be a great example. What other ways do you share the love of reading with your child? Let us know, we would enjoy hearing about your reading time.

Check back here for the next few days and read book reviews of some very good stories for kids of all ages. We have some you won't want to miss.

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