Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Review: Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell

Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell: A Warning for Children Against Sexual Predators
By: Debi Pearl
Published by:   No Greater Joy Ministries Inc., 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61644-016-9
Price: $9.95
Ages: 4-10
Rating:  5 stars
Reviewed by: Wayne S. Walker
How can a parent help his children recognize the danger of child predators without at the same time making them paranoid?  Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell is a much-needed resource that provides some beneficial suggestions.  In rhyming, metrical text that will appeal to youngsters, author Debi Pearl tells how Samuel’s mother asks him what he should do if someone asks to see his privates, or if a family friend “touches you down there,” or if a person shows him an evil book with dirty pictures, or if a big, scary boy pulls his pants down and threatens to hurt him if Samuel doesn’t do what he says.  Will Samuel keep these things a secret as the potential predators want, or will he learn to yell and tell it like it is?
Sexual predators of children are a serious problem in our society.  Based upon the principle that a child predator loses his power when he loses his cover, Mrs. Pearl explains, in a frank but age-appropriate way, both what children can do to avoid becoming victims and what parents can do to prepare their children for this prospect.  Before a predator can develop an “us and them” relationship with a child, the parents need to establish an “us and them” team with their child first so that he or she will feel comfortable telling them everything that happens.  There are three pages in the back of advice to mom and dad on how to accomplish this goal.  Did you know that ninety percent of all child sexual predators are close friends to the family or family members themselves?  This book can assist families in making sure that their children will keep from being sexually exploited.  Children and parents need to know that “Those prepared are usually spared.”
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