Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Review: Taconi & Claude - Double Trouble

Taconi & Claude- Double Trouble                

M. E. Finke

ISBN: 9781616331306

January 2011

Guardian Angel Publishing

Mid Grade- Chapters

Ages 10-13

I have the privilege of reviewing the newest book by award winning children's author, Margot Finke. Her new book titled Taconi & Claude, Double Trouble is a book I couldn't put down.

The theme is a coming of age book for a boy from a tribe in the 1950's era of the Australian outback. Taconi leaves the hills to come with his father to serve an afluent family at a time when he is also to enter the manhood of his Tribe.

His best friend is a mouthy old bird named Claude. Claude shows remarkable wisdom throughout the story as Taconi searches for the power he thinks he needs to survive. Together they search for the blue kingfisher feather believing it has magical power for courage and survival. Through many predicaments and all kinds of trouble, Taconi discovers the power he is looking for comes from within. Through the trials and adventures, Tacoui helps his father keep his job as a cookie and makes his father proud of the young man he has become.

This story weaves Aussie language and vivid details of the 1950's folk tales of Medicine men and primitive tribal living with an adventure that readers will not be able to put down. This story will interest both boys and girls with it's humor, adventure, and the actions of one awesome bird named Claude.

Ms Finke includes a glossary of Aussie terms adding to the overall feel of an adventure in the Australian outback. Wonderful coming of age story with spirit and adventure that no child should miss. I would definitely recommend this for students, teachers, and librarians as a great book.

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  1. This is a fabulous book, one I really enjoyed reading for the review. I hope others will get a copy and see what I mean.

  2. I just received my copy and am looking forward to reading all about Taconi & Claude.

    Karin Larson

  3. Karin, I do hope you enjoy Taconi and Claude. Let me know after you have read it.

    Thanks again for the terrific review Terri. I am thrilled!!

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