Friday, February 11, 2011

Hospital Critterz- The Prairie Pet by Author Stacey Laura Lloyd

The nurse in me loves this book, and the parent in me thinks this is a magical adventure that kids will love to read. Look for more about this author tomorrow when I share with you some of our conversation about this book full of fun and action.

Hospital Critterz – The Prairie Pet

Author- Stacey Laura Lloyd

Illustrator- Steve Loizos

Publisher- Strategic Media Group

ISBN- 978-0-9824157-0-2

Pages- 84

Ages 7-12

I recently had a phone conversation about Hospital Critterz-The Prairie Pet with author Stacey Laura Lloyd. What an inspiration. Stacey has such passion for kids and for helping them through the scary parts of life (like a hospitalization) that this story is going to touch kids without a doubt.

I connected to the author from a nursing standpoint because I have long seen a need for more fiction books that help kids deal with the real life situations that parents and adults don’t like to talk about. It is difficult to verbalize to your child the diseases, the pain of treatments, and the turmoil of diagnostic testing that some children must go through.

Hospital Critterz is fun and adventure all wrapped up in a great book for kids to read and enjoy. The content also makes the hospital setting less scary because it is part of the storyline with fun and quirky characters along with an interesting plot. The characters are realistic and the reader will relate to the feelings and actions of each and every character from the nurse with the wink to the Max who is mad and scared. The reader will fall in love with Lily, and following her on her journey to make things better for Max while she is a patient is heartwarming. And the magic adventure where the characters forget about their pain and help someone else is just short of , well... magic.

The nurse in me loved this book for the honesty, adventure, and fantasy and fun the author and illustrator put into the characters and the story. The parent in me loved the book as a way to open communication with children about hospitals, illness, pain, fear and anxiety. The story is really magical and fun. Kids and parents alike will enjoy it.

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