Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Importance of Play as shown in this Video -Which hand should I hold the baton in?

The importance of play for children cannot be underestimated. This video is a great example of how through play, a child may find an interest or natural talent.

Which hand should I hold the baton in?

The world can be a scary place for adults, so you can imagine what it appears to a child. In these uncertain times, play needs to be an important part of a child’s day. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

• Play is a great stress reliever.

• Play allows the child the freedom of expression

• Play allows a child to act out his fears, concerns, or anxieties

• Play can be a diversion for painful procedures or separation anxiety

• Play can be a source of security and safety for a child

• Developmentally appropriate play helps a child with normal growth and motor skills

• Play should be incorporated with children who are hospitalized frequently

• Play puts the child in the driver’s seat allowing him to make choices and have a sense of control

Safety during playtime must also be considered. Children of all ages need some sort of supervision depending on the age and development of the individual child. And that includes teens. All children are more secure when they know an adult is caring enough to check up on them and to be interested in what they are doing.

Accidents during toddler play time are the most likely and also some of the most preventable. Accidents can be avoided when appropriate toys are considered for the age and safety of the toddler. Here are some safe toddler play toys.

• Non toxic play dough or modeling clay

• Building blocks

• Plastic pretend housekeeping toys like pots and pans, but without small parts which can be a choking hazard

• Stackable rings and blocks

• Play phones

• Wooden puzzles with big pieces

• Plastic musical instruments and noise makers

• Cloth books

• Toys that roll and can be pushed or pulled

• Fat non toxic crayons and coloring books

• Stuffed animals with painted eyes… no buttons to avoid choking

Take these tips to heart when planning play time for your young children to keep your kiddies safe and happy and stress free. And who knows, you may discover the next conductor for the symphony or even the next president.


  1. Loved this post! I went to graduate school for Recreation & Park Administration, and clearly remember an entire class dedicated to the philosophy of and importance of "play." Thanks :)

  2. Glad you like this post. It is so important today especially as it seems our children are growing up so fast. I love to see kids use imagination and play.



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