Monday, February 14, 2011

Review: SpellQuizzer

SpellQuizzer Spelling Software
By:   TedCo Software, LLC
Price:   $29.95
Ages: preschool – high school
Rating:  4 stars
Reviewed by:  Kris Quinn Christopherson

Synopsis:  SpellQuizzer software helps students learn their spelling lists more quickly than traditional manual practice. Children love playing with computers, and SpellQuizzer makes spelling practice fun! Enter the child's weekly spelling list and record the words in the list. The software then quizzes the child, playing each word back to him one at a time, checking his spelling as he types in the words. SpellQuizzer corrects him when he types in a word incorrectly, and re-quizzes him on any words he missed once the first pass is completed. Spending just five to ten minutes a day with SpellQuizzer has helped many students improve grades dramatically!

Overall thoughts:  My son does not enjoy studying for spelling tests.  He prefers to simply write his words a few times each night leading up to the test instead of my quizzing him.  So, I was excited to try this program.  This software does the traditional quizzing, but it isn’t from mom, which would make the testing more agreeable to my son.  There are no games or graphics, but rather it is a straightforward testing program that allows students to study spelling in a clear and clever manner.  Being computer-based, SpellQuizzer does not permit students to practice their penmanship (something my son needs), however, it is a good tool for students to take responsibility for their spelling words; a fine resource to enhance study skills providing immediate results.  

Free downloadable spelling lists (
Video demonstrations of SpellQuizzer (
SpellQuizzer community site (

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