Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Review: Two Journeys: A Story of Silver Falls

Two Journeys: A Story of Silver Falls
By: Casey Head
Published by:  Silver Falls Publishing, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9832597-1-8
Price: $10.00
Ages: 10-15
Rating:  5 stars
Reviewed by: Wayne S. Walker

     Synopsis: What should the peaceful inhabitants of Silver Falls do when the surrounding communities are being menaced by a group of Phantom thieves?   In Wayward, the debut novel of this series, a rabbit named Flynn Sorrel had run away from home to search for his mother but returned having learned the important lessons of friendship and forgiveness.  Now he and his friend Stram the red squirrel join a group of Silver Falls residents who are journeying to Cane River City to help the people there while they deal with the clan of cruel robbers.  Flynn is also trying to cope with his being bullied by Boscoe Brownfur, the brother of his friend Lara, while the Brownfurs are also travelling in the same direction to visit Mr. Brownfur’s mother on Firetop Mountain.

     At the same time, another of Flynn’s friends, Swift the newfox, is making a journey of his own, along with Spiff the Rescue Robin, in search of the famed Newfox Caverns.  As they make their way, they meet Pierre the crazy turkey, Peter the wise old raccoon, and Rip the weasel, a former member of the robber clan who had been left behind.  In addition, they encounter the folks of Cave Mountain where Spiff is supposed to find out what kind of damage the thieves had done there before they moved on towards Cane River City.  They even run across a vicious bobcat.  Thus, both journeys are disrupted in one way or another by the Phantom group.  Can anything be done about these miscreants before they cause any more trouble?  Will Flynn be able to find a solution to the problem of Boscoe’s bullying?  And does Swift ever make it to Newfox Caverns?

     Overall thoughts: First, there was Redwall.   Then there was Mistmantle.  Now there is Silver Falls.  Children of all ages will enjoy this delightful tale of friendship and sacrifice, which occurs about a month after Flynn’s return to Silver Falls.  It is good to know that there are wholesome, entertaining books like this currently being written which parents can read to their children or have their children read without fear of objectionable material.  Not only is Two Journeys fun reading but there are also some valuable lessons that are illustrated in the story.  Youngsters will learn the importance of showing kindness to others, of handling bullies in the right manner, and of not seeking revenge.  Author Casey Head, who is also a gospel preacher and homeschooling father, deserves kudos for his second successful book.  The third installment in the series is entitled Harvest Blizzard.

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