Monday, March 28, 2011

Do Birds Make Good Pets?

Wild birds may not be the best choice for a pet bird. Purchase pet birds from a reliable breeder or petshop.

Dogs and cats may be the perfect pet for your child, but what if your child asks for a bird? Would a bird make a good pet for your child? Here are some things to consider before purchasing a bird for your child.

Birds make good pets for those who understand their care and their physical and emotional needs. Birds are intelligent and they pick up on the emotional state of the owners. They don’t appreciate a yelling and disruptive setting. Those that may adapt to that environment may also pick up on language and the words spoken in a household. If your bird talks, use care with the language used so the bird won’t repeat and teach your child the wrong kind of words.

Birds are fairly easy to take care of. They need food, shelter, and fresh water. Some need a perch, minerals, and an appropriate stone to sharpen their beaks. Food is rather inexpensive compared to other pet needs. Pellets should be of high quality and can be supplemented with fresh fruit or veggies. Learning what can be toxic to your bird will keep him healthy and vet bills to a minimum. They do well in a cage of appropriate size and appreciate a good cage cleaning on a daily basis.

Birds do need a nail trimming on a regular basis and they also may enjoy a clear water sprinkle bath once or twice a week. If their needs are tended to, a bird can be the best and most social pet a child can own. They are so smart that training to do tricks and to rest on a finger perch are easy to accomplish. Proper training and socialization can help a bird to be as affectionate as a puppy or kitten. It is all in how they are handled.

Bird cages come in all sizes and shapes to fit the space available for the new addition. Small birds like canaries or finches make good pets for small dwellings and apartment living. Birds that grow larger can live comfortably in a taller cage which may fit better into a corner space. As long as there is space to romp and play most birds do well living in a cage.

Birds are also very beautiful. Their antics can be fun and entertaining, making for excellent learning and conversation. They live long lives if treated well and fed a healthy diet. Many birds live more than 100 years, outliving their owners in some cases. Researching the type of bird you are interested in, speaking with other owners and purchasing from a reputable breeder or pet store will ensure a positive experience. A bird may be the perfect pet for your child.


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