Thursday, March 31, 2011

Make a Spring Wreath and Enjoy a Craft with the Kids.

I know many of you may have seen this wreath and directions on other sites. My daughter found it on a couple of blogs and made this my grandchildren.  It is so easy that the kids can help you with the project.

This is what you need:

Paper coffee filters- pick them up at your Dollar Tree store or at any discount store

Styrofoam wreath- 12-14 inches in diameter

Glue sticks and glue gun or floral pins

Directions: Take a single filter and bunch it or twist it to fluff it out, glue the twisted end onto the wreath. Fill the entire wreath with these twisted filters until it is fluffy enough for your taste. Tie a ribbon around the wreath or glue it to the back to hang.

Make it personal:

This picture shows a completely white wreath with no extra trimmings. For a festive look, spray with an aerosol adhesive and quickly sprinkle glitter over the adhesive. For a primitive look, spray lightly with tea water.

Experiment with color and mix a solution of water and food coloring for a spring-like pastel look. Take a picture of your wreath and email it to me so we can all have a look. Most of all enjoy the process. Crafting should be part skill and mostly fun.

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