Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Review: Most Unlikelyl to Succeed

Most Unlikely to Succeed

Author Nelson Lauver

ISBN 978-0-0980403-0-9


Five City Media

309 Pages

Synopsis: Memoir of the Trials, travels and triumphs of a child with dyslexia. An honest story of a young boy who struggled until adulthood when his learning difficulties where diagnosed.

This is a wonderful story of triumph. It is heartwarming, sad, funny, and hopeful. It is a truthful example of how our schools fail children who have these difficulties and how peers often add to the feelings of failure when a child is very young.

The book offers so much hope for readers of every age who may have encountered the same difficulties yet this author over came all those road blocks and became a successful writer and broadcaster. He truly inspires everyone he touches with these words.

I feel everyone should read this book, especially parents who have a child who struggles in school. The back of the book says it best. "The story speaks eloquently and profoundly to anyone who has ever struggled to be heard."

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  1. This is a heartwarming and sad, honest and true depiction of what it was like for Author and broadcaster Nelson Lauver. A wonderful book and one that touches the heart of anyone who has had a struggle in life trying to succeed.



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