Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Review: ON The Wings of Self-Esteem

On The Wings of Self- Esteem

Dr. Louise Hart with Kristen Caven

Uplift Press- 2011

ISBN 9780962283444

Pages 126

From the back of the book: At birth we begin life as truthful, open, and creative beings. As we grow older, however our wings may get clipped by dysfunctional family and social systems. Building layer upon layer of self-protection in order to negotiate such social systems, we learn to cut ourselves off from that original expansiveness. In essence, many of us go through a type of reverse metamorphosis: we start out as beautiful butterflies and turn into caterpillars. It is Louise Hart's goal to help us become butterflies again.

My general view of the book: This is a great book to help the reader understand self esteem and to improve on it. The book is insightful, truthful, and simple. It offers the reader inspiration and encouragement along with self discovery. There are down to earth tips to help restore self esteem and to nurture our inner being in a way that is not selfish yet is good to self.

Ms. Hart uses the butterfly to help the reader to explore the truths about self and exercise to transform back to the beautiful inner person each of us was born to be. Nature is a great example throughout the book to bring us back to the center of who we are. The book is inspirational and transforming if your read it and follow the tips to self care and discovery. You come away with something positive no matter what your self esteem was before you began the book. It is an easy read and worth your time and attention to self.


  1. On the wings of self-esteem is an uplifting and transforming book in which practical wisdom is presented in a lyrical and accessible manner. It is a collection of the best information available to help you enhance your most important relationship with your self. Thanks a lot for sharing with us...



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