Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stanley Bookman's Tips for April 2011

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April is National Poetry Month and the perfect opportunity to explore the wondrous world of words! The month long, annual celebration was established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets as an occasion to explore the beauty, creativity and power of words.
What is poetry? Poetry is an art form. It is the expression of emotion, or how we feel, about a certain subject or topic with the use of imagery and the five senses. Many children believe that they must be able to rhyme to write poetry. A rhyme is just one type of poem. Other types include haiku, cinquain, limerick, acrostic, and list poems. There are even name poems and ABC poems!
Reading Tip:
· Play with syllables. Identify the number of syllables in a variety of words
· Identify synonyms for everyday words (i.e. hot, big, pretty, etc.)
· Read and/or listen to a wide variety of poetry books
· Generate lists of word families (cat, hat, fat, mat, etc.)
Playing with words and their sounds will encourage your child to explore the power of self expression through poetry! 



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