Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to Spring

 Spring is here and most of us will be thrilled to see new growth on our flowers, less cold, and more sunshine.

The blog has a new spring color scheme and Stories for Children has launched the new addition of the online magazine for children. All wonderful examples of regrowth.

Please consider following our blog, following us on Facebook, and submitting some of your own writing to the blog or the magazine this year. We look forward to sharing great authors and wonderful books for children here and in the magazine and we would love to include you.

Tomorrow we will post about choosing a puppy. Spring is the time of year for many new things, and kids seem to always want a new pet. The post will give you tips on how to decide if a dog is right for your family.

The World of Ink Tours are going strong. Check back here for those wonderful book reviews and author interviews that will be posted throughout the month.

And finally look for educational posts, product reviews, and family movies night suggestions. We continue to provide fresh ideas and material here. Suggestions are always welcome. In the mean time, Happy Spring.



*Stories for Children Publishing, LLC. (SFC) and its divisions do not receive any compensation for product reviews beyond a sample and/or limited access to a paid website. SFC donates all books sent for review to a charitable organization. SFC may do a contest or giveaway of samples we receive.