Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review: The Brothers Foot by Author Steve Cormey

The Brothers Foot: A Hare Raising Story

Author House Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-4389-4269-8

Synopsis: A comical story based on a song about three brothers with rather strange names  who have a knack for fun with song and dance moves. The story tells of the playful antics of three rabbits and how they use singing to get out of a scary predicament in their brier patch. Danger may lurk but with singing and music, the scary turns into fun in a silly way.

 Author Steve Cormey is a song writer turned children's writer who has combined his talents to bring a charming story to life for children. Illustrated by Ronda Eden, the three rabbits become heartwarming characters that kids will love.

I liked this book and I think kids will too. It is quirky but the additional music CD and DVD that are available make this a great educational tool that entertains. The easy to read text makes it a good book for those young independent readers and the CD has the added benefit of keeping kids interested in the song. This is a great gift idea and a fun way to share a book with your child that can be read over and over.


  1. Fun and silly book, rabbits are one of the animals that kids just love and this story will be one that they can read over and over.

  2. Thanks for sharing the book with your readers. We really appreciate your efforts... Steve & Ronda

  3. Thank you so much for the review and for hosting this post. Cheers and happy read to everyone,
    Illustrator, The Brothers Foot, Ronda (Ronnie) Eden



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