Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy Hats for a Fun and Funky Party

By Hazel M Gonzaga

Lacking for party ideas for kids or adults alike? Why not go for the wackiest and funniest theme that's happening right now? A crazy hat themed party will be unlike any other costume party you've been to. The idea of having this kind of party is to let people or guests show off their artistic and humorous side by creating (or looking out to buy) the most unique and funny hat and then wearing them to the festivity. This type of party would be full of fun and laughter. The kids will just adore the process of selecting which hat to wear, and they'll be having so much fun even before the party starts. Make no mistake though, adults love costume parties just as much as kids do and this kind of theme can be perfect for going away parties, for birthdays and retirement parties. They can definitely do this sort of goofy theme. One of the good things about this costume party is that there is no more need for elaborate party dress and accessories. You can just come as you are. Simply wear your funky hat and you will blend in just fine.

So to start with, invitations must be handed out a bit early so that your guests will have enough time to prepare. The invites must, of course, clearly indicate the theme of the party. To give some guests who don't have a clue, try putting a drawing or several images of what crazy hats are supposed to look like across the invitation. To make it more interesting, make it a contest. Inform the guests that you will be giving out prizes to the one who comes in with the funniest hat, the most unique, the craziest etc. Kids will swoon with excitement over this and adults will share moments of laughter and wonderful stories over this.

Next on the list would be to go all out funny and funky with the decorations. You can go and buy some large sized cups and paper plates. Find some nice colorful tablecloth or you can make one. Get a white cloth and then glue some pictures of funny hats on it or just draw some if you like to be more creative. Cover the area with bright and different colored balloons. For your exciting centerpiece, you can place a weird, wild and out of this world headgear. How's that for a truly inspiring party theme, eh?

When your guests start to arrive, be sure to take a photo of each one of them to remember this amazing event by. Crazy hats come in so many different designs, shapes and colors that there will be no shortage of ideas for this creation. Some could go for a cartoon character kind of head piece, food themed hats are also popular as well as animal head gears, umbrella hats and a whole lot of other designs. These can be totally funny, downright crazy, unique and weird. So the next time you throw a bash, be sure to consider going for this theme and watch as guests have the time of their lives and try to outdo each other in designs.

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