Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Be the Best Parent Ever

By Irma Parone 

Can you imagine a bigger responsibility than raising children? I sure can't. The true goal, for any parent, is to raise a healthy and happy child. 

Before you enroll them in an Ivy League school, however, my strongest suggestion is that you lead them to happiness. How? By helping them experience a life of gratitude, appreciation and kindness. 

I have watched children that hit a point where they never seem satisfied, and surely are NOT kind. They expect more than they give, do not appreciate what they get and are just unhappy about life.

But do you really care? Do you think that the Ivy League credentials will make your child happy because they will have the best shot at getting that terrific job? Maybe not! Why? Because we all know at least a few people that are tremendously intelligent, yet can't hold a job. Or they may hold onto a job, but just don't appreciate it, or their life.

Start now. Whatever the age of the child, whatever your role is in that child's life, start helping them NOW. And guess what, YOU will become happier and more grateful too.

a) one gratitude journal (per person )
b) one (or more) child
c) one (or more) loving parent
d) 5 (or more) minutes at bedtime

a) Starting at the front of the journal, ask and then write anything your child was grateful for that day (you might need to help them at first, but as time goes on, they get better than the adults! If the child is old enough to write, and WANTS to write their own entries, go for it!)
b) Starting at the back of the book, working toward the front, write what your child did THAT DAY that was an act of kindness. Any little thing is fine. As time goes on, they will go out of their way to FIND ways to be kind.
c) No matter what they say or write, tell them how GREAT they did, and how proud you are  of them.

Don't forget
a. Talk about what YOU are grateful for, and how YOU found a way to be kind to someone.
b. As you see 'opportunities' for gratitude or kindness, suggest it! Even if it is for you! Ask your child if they think that baking a cake for your neighbor's birthday would be a kind thing to do. Maybe your child will help.

Good luck! Irma

My goal is to help Children worldwide, live a life of gratitude, appreciation and kindness through parents, other caregivers, teachers, doctors, etc.

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