Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stanley Bookman's Tips for May 2011

Hi! I’m Stanley Bookman and this is my little brother Tyke. We come from Storyville. This is the place where all the characters in each story live. Where is Storyville, you ask? It’s in the World of Ink, and you can only get there by reading and visiting

We’ve come to live here at Stories for Children Publishing to share tips with you on how to become better readers and have you help us spread the word about special events or holidays, such as . . . National Chocolate Chip Day!

National Chocolate Chip Day is celebrated on May 15th.  It is a day devoted to the yummy, tasty chocolate chip. There are a plethora of recipes using chocolate chips including cookies, cakes, breads and muffins. But, have you ever heard of chocolate chili or chocolate BBQ sauce?

The favorite use of chocolate chips is in the chocolate chip cookie. While there are many variations to the recipe, the origional chocolate chip cookie was actually a mistake. In 1937, innkeeper Ruth Graves Wakefield didn’t have the necessary baker’s chocolate for her cookie recipe. She chopped a semi-sweet chocolate bar into little pieces and put it in the cookie batter expecting it to melt as it baked. Fortunately, the pieces did not melt and chocolate chip cookies were invented!

What fun and creative uses can you come up with using chocolate chips? Tyke and I are eager to try out your ideas.

 Reading Tip:
Share your favorite children's book from your childhood with your child(ren). When kids see their parents reading or parents share books they loved as children, kids tend to get excited about reading. Don't worry if your favorite book is a bit too old for your child(ren). You can read a chapter a night together.
Or if your favorite book is a children's picture book, you can do some fun things after you read the book together. One fun thing you can do is retell the story only using the pictures. Another fun thing you can try is making a new ending and lastly, retell the story in the villians point of view.
By doing different things as a family with books, kids learn there is more to the World of Ink.

Also, don't forget to come visit us at Stories for Children Magazine. The May 2011 issue is now available and it's packed full of stories, articles, poems and even a fun coloring page. Oh and we almost forgot to mention that Award-winning author Bobbie Hinman is there too!
Until Next Time,
Stanley & Tyke

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