Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Review: Troo's Secret Clubhouse- Rainforest Friends Series by Cheryl Crouch

Troo's Secret Clubhouse

Author: Cheryl Crouch

Pictures: Kevin Zimmer

ISBN: 9780310718093

Juvenile Fiction/ Religious/Early Reader

Pages: 32


Troo has his friends over and they build a secret clubhouse. When little sister Meri tries to play too, Troo says some mean things and won't let her play.

Later when all of Troo's friends go home, he is left all alone. He decides to join Meri and her friends and is reminded how he hurt Meri's feeling with his mean words and by not letting her play.

The Bible lesson in this story is Love is never rude. Will Meri forgive Troo and let him play?

This is a great story for beginning readers that not only engages the reader in the fun activities of Troo and his friends but also weaves biblical principles into the story for young readers. I love  the way Troo and his sister show the same sibling actions and feelings that real children feel. The reader will relate immediately to the story and the characters.

Children will return again and again to read this easy reader and will gain valuable confidence in their reading abilities while enjoying a great story.



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