Thursday, June 23, 2011

Child Author: Ellen Keast

Kids of all ages will appreciate this new book by author Ellen Keast, most of all because she is a kid herself. What a talented author this young girl is?
A Rainy Week                                      

By Ellen Frances Keast


When an unforeseen storm threatens to ruin her family’s weeklong vacation at Lake Okoboji, it is up to eleven-year-old Ellen to brainstorm indoor adventures in lieu of their previously anticipated outdoor activities.

Summer vacation had finally arrived and Ellen could not be more excited. Not only did summer bring a much needed break from homework and cafeteria food, but also the opportunity for Ellen to enjoy her favourite activity—going to the lake! Ellen’s parents know there is no better way to celebrate the arrival of her favourite season than a trip to Lake Okoboji in northern Iowa. So to start their summer off with a bang, the Keast family quickly load up their car and head to the lake for some fun in the sun. As they draw nearer to their cabin, Ellen can hardly contain her excitement as she plans days full of swimming, fishing, and boat rides. However, as soon as the family arrives at the lake, a clash of thunder suggests that their summer is not the only thing starting off with a bang. The nice weather Ellen and her family had expected quickly vanishes into a week-long deluge of rain.

What’s a girl to do when it rains on her parade? For Ellen the answer is simple: have fun! Rather than letting the bad weather dampen her spirits, Ellen quickly brainstorms a week’s worth of indoor activities that are equally, if not more fun, than her previous outdoor plans. From card games and baking cookies at home, to fun-filled visits to the children’s theatre and indoor water park, Ellen has little time to brood over the bad weather. In fact, she proves that with a sunny attitude, one can make the most of any situation—even if it’s raining outside!

About the Author: Ellen Frances Keast is a full-time student with a wide array of talents. In addition to writing and illustrating A Rainy Week, the second book of her published series, Ellen has also participated and excelled in numerous speech and poetry competitions. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys playing the saxophone, gardening, and baking. The first book in the series, A Snowy Week, was written when she was in the first grade. Ellen Frances Keast currently lives in Harlan, Iowa where she is writing the next book for her series, A Sunny Week, which will be set in Hawaii. A Rainy Week by Ellen Frances Keast (published by Strategic Book Group, RPR $10) is available from the publisher’s website and Amazon Please visit the author’s website at



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