Sunday, June 26, 2011

Keep Kid's Brains from Going to Mush This Summer!

Keep Kid’s Brains from Going to Mush This Summer!

Keep learning going, summer-style…  

Parents and kids are gearing up for summer, and while kids do need a break from the school year (the months of homework, science projects and pop quizzes, OY!), there are ways that parents can make sure that all that hard work will not waste away these summer months – and at the same time keep kids active, now that there’s more time to fill!

Alisa T. Weinstein is the creator of Earn My Keep Allowance Program ( that teaches kids the value of money by test-driving real careers. Alisa’s new book Earn It, Learn It: Teach Your Child the Value of Money, Work, and Time Well Spent (Sourcebooks) profiles 50 fun careers and tasks associated with each career. Parents simply choose a career, pick a task, have their kids complete it within a set amount of time, and earn while they learn. The program is quick, easy, authentic, cheap, and most of all, FUN!

In short, Earn It, Learn It is packed with more than 950 engaging, educational, easy-to-do tasks absolutely perfect for restless kids, tired parents and endless summer days, including:

· Outdoor Adventure Guide: Fill an old school backpack with camping gear (like a pair of socks, flip-flops, sunscreen, and lip balm) and a raincoat and/or rain boots. Ask Mom or Dad to mist you with a squirt bottle or garden hose while you try to get your rain gear on and keep the rest of your backpack’s contents dry—Outdoor Adventure Guides must be prepared for any emergency!

· Geologist: “Bake” a mud pie. Build it layer by layer, starting with some thick mud. Layer on some gravel. More mud. Sand. More mud. Dirt. More mud. Then use a wide straw to drill into it—what does your straw pull out? And what are you going to do with the earth in the straw? Geologists have to consider these details before mining for rocks!

· Photographer: Take close-up shots of two, three, or four different textures in nature: a flower’s petal, a blade of grass, an earthworm’s wormy body. Print out your pictures and examine how the camera captured the subject’s texture and color. Then ask a family member to identify your subjects in three guesses—no hints!

Earn It, Learn It also helps parents tackle the ALLOWANCE issue by offering an exciting, proven alternative to “should we pay allowance for chores or not?”

Note from blog editor: I have reviewed this book on the site before and believe me this book is fun. It offers all kinds of activities to do with your children and many for the kids to do independently aside from earning money  or an allowance. This book will help to ward off the summer boredom.


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