Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stanley and Tyke

June 6th is National Yo-Yo day! It is a day to “Walk the Dog”, “Go Around the World”, and “Rock the Baby”. These are all, of course, tricks to perform while practicing with a Yo-Yo. As the summer season begins and the weather beckons us outside, the Yo-Yo is the perfect summer toy. It’s fun, entertaining, and a great way to build hand-eye coordination.

The Yo-Yo has been around for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. Its origin is hard to prove. It may have been invented in China as early as 500-100 B.C. or it may have been invented in Greece even before then. The Yo-Yo has been a favorite toy for many generations.

June 6th is the birthday of Donald F. Duncan Sr. He bought the rights to the toy in 1929 and trademarked the name “Yo-Yo”. Duncan improved the technology of the toy by putting a sliding loop around the toys’ axel instead of a knot. This allowed the Yo-Yo to “sleep”. The Yo-Yo became a phenomenon in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It sparked contests and world competitions resulting in large prize money.

Grab a Yo-Yo and have fun! Enjoy the phenomenon of the Yo-Yo! It’s addictive and entertaining!

Reading Tips:

The summer season often brings a drop in reading and writing practice. Help your child to continue to build his/her literacy skills by using inventive learning opportunities. Some fun activities include:

• Creating gelatin letters and use them to practice spelling words

• Put colored water into squirt guns and “write” on the sidewalk or driveway

• Participate in a reading challenge (often supported by the public library or the local Borders or Barnes & Noble retailers)

• Have your child read aloud and record books for younger children to listen and read

• Provide your child the tools to write me a letter about their summer

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