Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review: Brush Barry Brush by Linda Valderrama R.D. H.

Brush Barry Brush

Author: Linda Valederrama R. D. H.

Illustrations: Sudi Memarzadeh

ISBN: 978-0-578-06605-9


Brush Barry Brush is a charming picture book for very young children which introduces the activity of daily living: brushing your teeth. The illustrations and the simple text make the concept easily understood. The text introduces foods that are healthy followed by different children brushing their teeth, that is until Barry. Barry eats blueberries and doesn't brush. Guess what? Barry's teeth look blue.

Barry then brushes and has a sensational smile with white clean teeth. Children will want to read the story over and over. This fun book also has a chart for keeping children on track. Fun stickers are included that can be used to mark when the child brushes after every meal. What a fun way to help young children learn to grasp and develop the healthy habit of brushing teeth.

This is a great concept picture book with a fun story and a lesson cleverly woven throughout. It also is a conversation launcher for the topics of nutrition, food groups, color and texture of foods, and likes and dislikes for young children and their parents.


  1. Terri, thank you so much for your time and consideration in writing a great review.
    Also, many thanks to Families Matter Blog for hosting and spotlighting my book today .

  2. Linda is so full of information and has written a really cute book to help support her goals with getting kids to brush.

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  3. Do you recommend any special toothpaste or is adult toothpaste okay for toddlers?

  4. Nicole, good question. I do recommend using a special toothpaste for toddlers. Oral B/Crest, Colgate, Aquafresh, Oragel make toothpastes for todddlers. They are approved by the American Dental Association and have flavors designed to appeal to kids.The flavors and ingredients are milder in a toothpaste designed especially for children. Parents should use a "pea size" amount of toothpaste and supervise their child's brushing. Working with the child to spit out ,not swallow the toothpaste, is important. Of course,making the brushing experience as enjoyable as possible will help them to get into good habits early!

  5. Thanks Linda, for responding to our readers. It is so important to get accurate information to our readers here at families matter blog. We appreciate your interaction here.



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