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Book Review: Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures- A Parent's Guide to Parenting in the 21st Century

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures 
A Parent's Guide to Parenting in the 21st Century

Clayton Paul Thomas

ISBN 978-1-257-05609-5

Lulu Publishing- 2011

What parent hasn't had a difficult day being a parent? Author Clayton Thomas uses his experience as an elementary teacher to break down certain aspects of parenting. He is also a  parent so the things he suggests are things he has attempted to model with his own children.

This resource is entertaining as well as enlightening. Mr. Thomas gives illustrations of behaviors and how certain actions affected those behaviors. His suggestions are positive and he has had positive outcomes with the children he has been lucky enough to know and to teach. The book is divided into chapters which tackle one major point at a time and he gives a small assignment at the end of the chapters to help illustrate his point and to help parents relate the point to their parenting.

The lessons in the book give parents permission to learn how to be more effective when talking with their child and with teaching children the behavior they expect. He is also clear that children are human and will mess up from time to time. He discourages loud yelling or other parental ineffective responses and goes on to show the reader other more effective techniques.

Although the goal is to have children who know how to behave and choose to do it, the author also gives good illustrations regarding discipline when a child's behavior warrants consequences. His practical no nonsense approach works and parents gain the respect they seek when trying to teach life lessons.

I appreciate the book as parent because it puts more emphasis on developing positive parenting skills rather than concentrating on the negative behaviors of the child. So often what we as parents read is more negative than positive. It is good to read the good things others see in our children, even those kids who are difficult.

 I think any parent would benefit from reading this book. If the reader keeps an open mind and puts some of these positive parenting techniques to use on a continual basis, the behavior of the children affected will improve.

Clayton Thomas has a website with more parenting tips at

He can also be found on Twitter @claylauren2001


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  1. What a great review, Virginia. Clayton does bring up some great points that all parents can benefit from. I hope everyone checks out this book and sees all the great info it has.

  2. I really appreciate the review. Have a terrific weekend!

    Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

  3. I can't take credit for the review. It was Terri or Kris who wrote it. Terri Forehand is the Blog Editor so I want to thank her for hosting Clayton here on the Families Matter Blog and for such a great review.



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