Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Celebration and Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday for many. Picnics, swimming, sparklers, parades, and red, white and blue celebrating our Independence. This July 4th keep these safety tips in mind.

Keep food hot on the grill or cold in a cooler or on ice but don't let it sit out in the hot sun for long periods of time. Salads and meat can spoil if left too long outside of a cooler or fridge. Nothing like a stomach bug from spoiled food to put a damper on a holiday weekend.

Use sunscreen to protect from serious burns. The temperatures are beginning to get in the 90-100 degree range at the beginning of July in many parts of the country so it is especially important to protect children and adults alike from those harmful UV rays.

Keep hydrated. Summer heat and holiday activities can cause dehydration more quickly than other times of the year. Offer water frequently to children who may be so busy having fun in the pool that they don't realize how thirsty they have become. Popsicles, sugar free Koolaid, and plain water are good sources of fluids. Keep in mind that milk products may not always settle well with children in extreme heat and may cause stomach upset.

Keep fruit handy for snacking. Kids tend to get busy playing hard during the summer months and may not want to stop to eat. Quick snacks like fruit, cheese, crackers, and juice bottles are nutritious ways to feed kids in a hurry.

Naps are good for children of all ages during hot summer months. Older kids don't always want to sleep but bringing them in out of the hot sun for a half hour or so after eating helps them to stay rested and healthy. Ideas for those cooling down breaks could include reading, watching movies, 30 minutes of video games, listening to music, or any other quiet inside activity. The point is to get cooled down for a short time and avoid heat exhaustion before going back out to play.

What ever your family has planned over the Fourth of July weekend, whether it is in the water, riding bikes, fishing, boating, golfing, cooking out, or traveling have a safe and happy weekend. Please remember those who are serving in the military who are protecting the Independence we all enjoy.

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