Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School Fun

The summer sun is still beating hot in most places, but the reality is that school is just around the corner. Make school planning a family event. Here are a few tips to make the last weeks of summer less stressful and more fun.
1. Plan one last trip to the beach, pool, water park, or zoo. It doesn't have to be expensive but it needs to be fun and stress free. Kids need to see parents having fun too so for just one day, RELAX.

2. Plan for immunizations and physicals well ahead of the first day of school. That allows time to get them completed but it also allows for a day or two of not feeling well after having that painful injection.

3. Try giving each child a monetary limit or allowance for school supplies and/or clothing. Make the amount appropriate for the age of the child and their ability to choose wisely. If each child has a say in some of the purchases, there is less drama and stress and fewer arguments.

4. Plan ahead and talk about lunch ideas. Start looking for quick sack lunch ideas, snacks, and new foods to include. If your child wants to take hot lunch, make a lunch jar or envelop for that extra cash so there is no panic on Monday mornings when lunch money is needed or someone has a change of heart.

5. Practice reading or doing simple math with your child as a means to start conversations. Ask what they like to read, visit the library or book store, play number games while doing errands, or other simple age appropriate games and include writing. This gets your child back into thinking about words and numbers and begins refreshing what they already know.

6.Help children pick what favorite clothes still fit, which ones need to be donated to charity, and what can be handed down. In today's economy it is a great time to help children understand that reusing, recycling, and keeping what works is financially more realistic. A few new things instead of an entire wardrobe will work as long as the clothing is clean, fits appropriately, and is in great shape. Avoid clothing that is too small, in poor condition, or is stained so your child will not be embarrased.

Take these last few days and weeks of summer to get organized and ready for a healthy and happy school year. By planning ahead it helps the budget and makes the transition back to a school routine smooth. The school years fly by all too fast so make good memories with your school aged children and take time to enjoy. 


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