Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Review: Soul Surfer- Ask Bethany

Soul Surfer: Ask Bethany

Author: Bethany Hamilton with Doris Rikkers

Released in conjunction with Soul Surfer film

March 2011

ISBN: 97680310725688

This book is a must for young girls going into middle school and high school. Bethany has taken the hundreds of questions she received from emails and fan letters and composed a great question and answer book for girls.

The film is based on how Bethany was surfing, attacked by a shark, lost an arm, and survived the trauma. But the movie and this book is much more than surviving a trauma. It is about how to live.

Questions that Bethany tackles for the reader are related to surfing, friendship, and faith. Bethany offers the reader concrete answers to how she herself survived and how faith got her through.

Bethany answers questions about the pain of the shark attack, how she was able to stay calm, and how she was able to master the recovery but she also answers questions personal to the reader. " I want to be an athlete, what advice can you give?" or "Do you have daily devotions?" or " I got a surf board for Christmas but my sister says I am a loser and will never be good."

Ask Bethany tackles all the tough questions that young girls may want to ask and she gives Biblical principles for her answers. Parents can be sure the books are wholesome and offer sound advice to the reader. Although it appears that the book is targeted to girls, boys may also benefit from some of the questions about surfing, attitude, and perseverance.

This is an easy to read book that readers will refer to over and over again. It is always good when the author is someone that readers, and in this case young teens, can relate to. I recommend this book and the others in the series as well. Bethany is a winner in more ways than surviving a shark attack. She is a real heroine.

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