Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Movie Night Returns

Movie Night.....Saturday, August 6th at 8/7Cst. on NBC.

Make a Date to Watch with Your Family!

Who is Simon Miller? World Premiere THIS Saturday,

August 6th at 8/7c on NBC

Gather your family to watch this fast-paced international spy thriller that centers on one family's quest to find their father. When Simon goes missing, the Miller family is shocked to learn that their unassuming dad is actually a secret agent leading covert operations overseas.......

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Stories for Children Publishing supports Family Movie Night! Who is Simon Miller? is an international spy thriller for the whole family! You won't want to miss it on Saturday, August 6th at 8/7c on NBC!"

Pop that popcorn, grab a snack, find a comfy seat and enjoy the movie and the time with your family!

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