Monday, August 22, 2011

Inexpensive Tips for Room Make Overs for Kids

School is starting or about to start for most students and fall is upon us. What better time to spruce up for the holidays? Kids may want their rooms redone to go along with the start of a new school year but you maybe thinking about the expense of it all. Here are a couple of tips for making a room make over that don't break the bank.

Consider painting the room a different color. Paint is the least expensive part of a make- over and a new bright color is inspiring. 

My granddaughter grew from a princess room in first grade to wanting a "big" girl room in second grade. My daughter took what was in the room and just painted it colors that looked more "big girl" and kept all the same furniture and accessories. She just added color. One gallon of the primary color, two pints of contrasting colors, new bed in a bag with sheets and comforter to match ( 39.99 because of the back to college sales) and an area rug. The majority of the cost was time. Total for the room was less than 200.00 and could have been less depending on the price you pay for paint. It took her a weekend to complete.

Other ideas:

1. Rearrange the room and place the bed on a different wall. A different view point can make all the difference and it is free.

2. Sort and throw out or donate toys and games that have missing pieces or children have outgrown. Games and books in good shape can be donated to shelters, after school programs, or churches. Less can be more by adding more space or an roomier feel. Decreasing clutter will make a room look larger and will entice the child to want to be there to sleep, rest, or study.

3. Older children need a place to study so set up an area in the corner with a flat surface for writing and a desk light. Desk lamps can be found for less than $10.00 at this time of year because of all the students returning to college and the sales that entice them.

4. Have  the siblings change rooms. I had five siblings growing up and little money for make overs but if we wanted a real change, we would change rooms with each other. It cost nothing except the time and effort to move the beds and the dressers and it was fun to rearrange closets and clothes. Another opportunity to throw out, sort out, or give away.

5. Don't forget garage sales for finding great used furniture. This is an inexpensive way to find a desk, chair, or dresser for a children's room. Remember, those things that look rough may just need a coat of paint.

Paint, a new throw pillow for the bed, a bright desk accessory, a desk lamp, a new arrangement for the room, and a good cleaning and sorting helps each child to feel empowered to start the new school year off right. Working together will allow the child to take ownership of their room too so nagging for them to "clean their room" may be a saying of the past. Enjoy.



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