Saturday, August 27, 2011

Posting from Alaska

Anchors Away, Alaska here I come.

Vacations can be the best time although I have had my share of questionable trips. Our family is taking a cruise, my first ever, to Alaska for ten days. I have all kinds of dreams of writing articles, finding bear, seeing moose, watching whales, and catching up on my summer reading projects including doing book reviews.

I will post any great family destinations I come across during our trip and hopefully be able to offer some incredible pictures. My sister began planning this trip  to give my mom something to look forward to after my dad passed away. It has been three years in the planning and almost impossible to believe it is time to sail. More importantly, impossible to believe my dad has been gone 3 years.

The point of this introduction into my family vacation is this. Family relationships are the most important relationships in this lifetime. Whether they are good or bad, they help make you who you are. As parents, you want to be aware of how you relate to your family and extended relatives because your children are watching and learning how to form those same relationships. They will mimic everything you do in ways you may not even be aware as they grow and form their own family relationships. So, that being said, here are a few tips to make relationships stronger.
  • Be kind in words and deeds
  • Forgive others even when you cannot forget
  • Don't hold onto a painful past, rather choose to let it go
  • Show compassion for others
  • Dare to enjoy
  • Make everyday special.
  • Don't wait for tomorrow to tell those you love how you feel
And take a fun day, week, or month if you can to relax and spend time with those you love. Those memories cannot be replaced so go make a memory with your kids, your siblings, your parents, or someone else you love. Life is precious and as the Christian song reminds us, we are only one phone call from our knees. Enjoy.



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