Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alaska is BEAUTIFUL....

Alaska is so beautiful. It was almost surreal to see the landscape so untouched on either side of the Inside Passage. A masterful creation to be sure.

 Our trip was a cruise on one of the famous kids cartoon ships, believe me when I say Disney does it best.
But out of the entire trip of good food, great service, and family time ( a reunion of sorts) it was the landscape and the mountains, the sea and the glaciers that are the most memorable.

Most of the open sea sailing was during the night and during the day you could see nothing but mountains, trees, and beauty. It has inspired me to write a Picture book series, take more photos every where I go, and appreciate untouched nature. It also made me appreciate home. No place like home.

Where was your most memorable vacation? Was it filled with constant activities or the peaceful sites of untouched nature? Let me know as I will continue to share my vacation thoughts in between some great book reviews and other family fun here on our blog.

Glad to be home. How about you?


  1. Wow what a gorgeous picture! I can only imagine the beauty you experienced. I can also imagine how fantastic that Disney ship was. My trip to DisneyWorld was one of the best trips I ever had. We were special guests at Disney and they treated us like we were stars. They even hired people to stand along a red carpet and cheer for us as we made our way into the park. Colorado Springs brings back fond memories, too. I had never experienced nature like I experienced it there. So beautiful.

  2. Vanessa, glad you have experienced nature at it's best as well. Colorado is awesome too. Disney World is a great place and you do feel special. They really have a handle on how to make people feel good. Thanks for sharing.



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