Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review: AdoraPet's Book Series Featuring Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy

AdoraPet Book Series is by author YiShaun Yang. The main characters Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy take the reader on all kinds of adventures from a Pirate Adventure, Mermaid Adventure, and Astronaut Adventure to being a Ballerina, a Chef, or a Firefighter.

The books titled Visit the Dentist and On the Farm take the reader on a real life trip to everyday destinations. The author weaves facts, fiction, and the magic of real life into each individual story. Readers will love Pima and Pico making it fun to read each new book in the series.

The author clearly succeeds in her mission to inspire kids to read by showing kids the magic and hope of life as Pima and Pico visit all kinds of places that children have questions about. What child won't enjoy reading about and getting to know these cute pets?

Visit www.AdoraPet.com for more information.

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