Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School is Back in Session

School has started for most kids in every State in the country. Labor Day marks the last of summer and the start of fall. School sports and activities will be in full swing soon and so will the homework and tests that students dread. Here are a couple of tips for students to make school less stressful.

1. Stay organized from the beginning.  Keep that assignment book handy and work ahead. Don't wait to the last minute to do big projects or to cram for that exam.

2. Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night. Younger children need 8-9 hours of sleep and teens can get by with less on occasion but 8 hours or more will keep your brain working and your body healthy.

3. Eat breakfast. The importance of a good breakfast can't be stressed enough. Grab a fruit if you are in a hurry but breakfast is important to keep your body working well.

4. Drink plenty of water. Kids get so busy with their friends that they forget to drink water and eat healthy. Teens especially need to drink water to help keep their skin clear.

5. Set a time to study or read every night. Studying and reading keep the mind active but it also helps your brain to retain what you learn by feeding it regularly with facts. 

6. Turn off the television and the video games for 30 minutes and use that time to do a physical activity. Walk the dog, ride a bike, jog, skateboard, roller blade, play basketball, or just run around the backyard but keep it moving. It will keep you feeling your best and help you to stay alert in school.

Have a great new school year and remember to keep learning fun.

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