Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Review: The Bridge: True Story of Jason Veitch By Jackie Carpenter

The Bridge: Between "Cell Block A" and A Miracle is Psalm 91

Author: Jackie Carpenter

ISBN: 978-1-61579-684-7

Xulon Press

The Bridge: is the true story of Jason Veitch. The story is told by his mother, author Jackie Carpenter. It is a heartfelt account of 10 months while incarcerated for the death of a thief. It details  the true story from the beginning until the trial  and clearly depicts the emotional turmoil he and his family withstood while dealing with lawyers, detectives, and the press.

The faith of his family and the Bible verse Psalm 91 was the thread this family held onto during this difficult time. The story is honest and true, giving the reader a feel for the horror and the pain this family felt.

In a sequel to The Bridge, author Jackie Carpenter has also written Georgia Justice. This is a "Journey of Faith" and gives more details of the true story of her family's struggle with faith during the incarceration of her son Jason and a more intimate view of her own struggle with faith and depression.

Readers both religious and not will be able to relate to the emotional pain this family has endured. It is a heartfelt story of truth, both the good and the bad of family relationships. The story will inspire the reader to change an attitude, reconcile a relationship, and take another look at their personal faith journey. It is encouraging to those going through difficult times and a good read for all.

Georgia Justice is due out as a movie in 2013. A remarkable story to be sure and one that honestly shows how faith and life work together.

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  1. This is completely ridiculous! Everything this woman has written is a complete lie. Last time I checked somebody that does work for you and somebody you had seen earlier in the day/week working on your house is NOT a THIEF. In the book she talks about a "rebellious" man that Jason Veitch encountered, the supposed thief did not even speak English.



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