Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Reviews: Quincy Moves to The Desert by Author Camille Matthews

Quincy Moves to the Dessert

Author Camille Matthews

ISBN: 978-0-9819240-1-4

A Pathfinder Equine Publications Book


Picture Book: Ages 5-10

From the back of the book: In this story about adventure, friendship and hope, Quincy goes West and learns that horses are everywhere.

Quincy must move and he and his friend Beau travel in a horse trailer for a trek across nine states to a new home with their owner. Quincy has fears and concerns about finding new friends, being in a new barn, and feeling like he belongs. Children often feel the same way.

Quincy discovers that there are many new horses, long riding trails, and many good things about moving to a new home. The reader will feel the same fears and the hopes of Quincy from this wonderful story about how Quincy adapts to his new home in the desert. The pictures are beautiful and the story will keep children interested until the end of the book.

Author, Camille Matthews is an award winning author with her books about Quincy. These books will become a favorite with children. You can find more information about Quincy at

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