Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween can be a fun and scary time for kids. Here are a few tips for keeping Halloween safe too.

1. Make sure masks and costumes don't block the vision of your child. Keep props easy to carry and avoid using any prop that has sharp points or edges to prevent injury while trick or treating.

2. Use flashlights, reflector material on the costume, or bright clothing to make sure others see your child, especially vehicles following or driving in the neighborhood.

3. Inspect all candy and treats before allowing children to eat them. Dispose of any that are not sealed properly. Fruits and homemade goodies should only be consumed from those you know, and not strangers.

4. One option to trick or treating might be a small party for your child's friends. Supervision by parents that you know, foods that you are preparing, and having the party at your house all work towards keeping your children safe while providing a fun atmosphere. Games, prizes, and a movie or bonfire make a great alternative to trick or treating for many families.

5. Making costumes from scratch can be added fun and can be done early to avoid the Halloween rush. It can be less expensive to come up with a costume from things you already own than to purchase ready made. If you don't sew, consider making a costume from cardboard or a box, painting it, and having your child wear it over sweat pants and shirt.

6. Dress for the weather. Have children wear warm clothing and sturdy shoes under their costumes to prevent illness and injury while going from house to house. October can be cool and damp so be prepared.

The most important part of Halloween... Be safe and Have fun.



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