Thursday, October 13, 2011

World Egg Day- October 14

Hi! I’m Stanley Bookman. I come from Storyville. This is the place where all the characters in each story live. Where is Storyville, you ask? It’s in the World of Ink and you can only get there by reading.

I’ve come to live here at Stories for Children Magazine to share tips with you on how to become better readers and have you help me spread the word about special events or holidays, such as . . . World Egg Day!

You may like them fried, scrambled, poached, deviled, hard boiled or a variety of other methods. No matter the form, the egg is a much utilized, healthy and nutritionally packed food. Eggs have been a dietary staple in many countries for hundreds of years.

World Egg Day was declared by the International Egg Commission in 1996. It is a food holiday observed on the second Friday of each October. In 2011, World Egg Day falls on October 14th. Countries around the world sponsor campaigns to promote the “incredible, edible egg”. From Mexico to China and the U.S. to Great Britain, you will find clever, resourceful and unique uses of the egg.

How do you really like your eggs? Spend World Egg Day finding out. You may find a new favorite way to make your egg. Maybe you’ll find that you really enjoy playing with your eggs.

You could try decorating them. Would you like to try a 1,000 year old egg from China? Or maybe you’d rather enjoy a game of egg throwing? Any way you try it, the egg is a unique, nutritionally power packed food source.

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