Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review: Prairie Storms by Darcy Pattison

Title: Prairie Storms

By: Darcy Pattison Illustrated by: Kathleen Rietz

Published by: Sylvan Dell Publishing Date: 2011

ISBN: hardcover, 9781607181293

Paperback, 9781607181392

Price: hardcover, $16.95

Paperback, $8.95

Ages: 5-10 years

Rating: 5 stars (1-5)

Reviewed by: Kris Quinn Christopherson

Synopsis: Prairie Storms gives you a front row seat to learn about a year of ever-changing prairie weather, and how the animals living in these grasslands adapt and survive in this harsh climate. Each month, read about a new animal and learn about everything from how a prairie chicken can survive the January snows to how an earless lizard escapes the harsh, unrelenting drought of August.

Overall thoughts: Jumping right into descriptions of the ever-changing weather of the prairie, this book uses rich language and vivid illustrations to bring the reader to the prairie. I enjoyed reading through a calendar year, but each description was a mini-story in itself and did not begin with “in January.. in February, etc” I would bet this book also introduces children to some new animals.




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