Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review: Ralph the Dragon Learns to Fly and Meets the Blue Butterfly

Ralph The Dragon Learns to Fly and Meets the Blue Butterfly

Author: Barney Kowalski

Illustrations by: Dawn Phillips

This is a delightful story about Ralph the Dragon and his wishes about flying. Who could imagine that a large green dragon could fly? And many of his friends told him it could never happen. His parents were even doubtful.

That was until Ralph met up with the blue butterfly. The beautiful blue butterfly helped Ralph to understand that he could do anything if he believed. And so it was.

The illustrations are so fun, bright, and interesting that the reader can't help but love them. And the story is a heartwarming tale of dreams and believing in them. Kids will be delighted.

The book is available at . Be sure to check for more on this book and more great illustrations.


  1. This is a wonderful children's book. My daughter has this one and the one written before it and loves them both!!!



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