Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Review: Rodger Meet Mr.Glee by author Jan Britland

The Adventure of Rodger Dodger Dog: Rodger Meets Dr. Glee

Author: jan Britland

Illustrated by: Mike Swaim

ISBN: 978-1-449-59362-9

Pages: 50

Ages: 5-9

Rodger Dodger is a sick dog. His friend knows Dr. Glee but Dr. Glee is busy at the zoo today. What should they do? Rodger Dodger Dog is turning green and his tummy doesn't feel good either.

This is a delightful story of a friend, a dog, and getting better after feeling sick, really sick. Green flu is the illness and readers will enjoy discovering what the cure for Green flu is. It will make a good story to read to those who are home sick with the flu but it will also make a great story to share over and over again.

For more adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog visit the author's website :

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