Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Review: The Deep Black Pond by Morgan Kostival

The Deep Black Pond

Author:  Morgan Kostival

Photographs: Morgan Kostival

ISBN: 978-1-60976-486-9

From the back cover: Follow the misadventures of one of these tiny creatures named Mimi the peewee. Learn just how Mimi becomes the very first pink pearl in the world.

At the same time, Mimi unknowingly brings together all the other creatures living in the pond by inspiring cooperation and friendship.

This fable-like bedtime story will enthrall your little ones, as Mimi meets the Queen of the water lilies,
Cuddles the fish, and the mysterious Baron.

My review:
 This is an interesting children's book to say the least, and the author shows remarkable talent at both writing and creating the scenes which he photographed to illustrate the book. He states on the back cover that adults forget to use their imaginations and I believe he might have something there. This story sparks the imagination and spurs it on with the unusual and interesting pictures.

Children that have an interest in the deep sea and the creatures below will be enthralled I am sure. For me, the story was very creative as were the photos, but I found them to be more scary than I like in a children's book, However, I believe he will find a huge audience of children who will love the mystique, especially boys. It demonstrates not only good solid writing and creating but an artistic angle that is not found in every book for kids.
I think we will be seeing more work from this creative children's author.

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