Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Book Review: It's Your Birthday Shyann by Cassandra Hill

It's Your Birthday Shyann

Author: Cassandra Hill

Illustrations: Cassandra Hill

ISBN: 978-1-60402-867-1

Picture book for ages 4-10

How do you teach young children about cultural diversity and differences? By writing a picture book with delightful illustrations and fun characters celebrating a common event...a birthday.

Author Cassandra Hill has written a charming book about just this topic. The birthday is celebrated with friends who speak 8 different languages. They each come to the party with special gifts, native foods, dances, and other birthday traditions. Shyann enjoys it all.

The illustrations are colorful and include the country flag from each visitor. As far away as Brazil and as close as Hawaii, friends celebrate a common theme in fun verse that even teaches some words from each language.

I love that this book takes a day that all children can relate to such as a birthday and makes it a lesson in cultural diversity while being so fun and entertaining. You can read more about this delightful book and the author at



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