Friday, December 16, 2011

Book Review: My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher

Review By David Broughton

My Dog, My Cat is all that, and a bag of chips. When Ashlee Fletcher wrote and illustrated a book for two to six year old children, I don't think she knew how wonderful it would be. The words are right for a beginning reader. What makes the book a standout is the artwork. The bright colors, and stylish art make it enjoyable for any age. (Note to parents and grandparents: The large, clear print is easy to see, even with tired eyes) The art so precisely illustrates the words on the page, it's my opinion that this little book would be a great tool not only for beginning readers, but also for the developmentally disabled, or those learning to read English as a second language. Ashlee said: "My Dog, My Cat is an ode to the funny little things our pets do! If you look closely at my dog and my cat you'll see that your dog and your cat have a lot in common, and a lot of things that are different! Have the children compare my pets with your pets. Retell stories of funny little things your pets do. Remember tales of past pets. Be sure to talk about what makes your pet so special, different, and why your pet, dog or cat, pig or rat, touches your heart!" I won't give the ending away, but this cute little book subtly teaches a special, all-important lesson at the end of the story. This high quality book should last a long time; maybe to be enjoyed by future generations.

Available wherever quality books are sold.

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